My Work

Covering Tragedy

The world of journalism changed August 26, 2015. A former employee of WDBJ7 in Roanoke, Virginia opened fire on the station’s news crew and their interviewee during a live broadcast, killing WDBJ7’s reporter and photographer and injuring the interviewee.

I worked as digital content manager at WDBJ7’s competition, local NBC affiliate WSLS 10, the day of the tragedy and the weeks following. Coverage of such an event requires journalistic skills and ethics, as well as compassion and caring.

The following are examples of coverage in which I took part during that time.

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Covering Sports

News coverage of sporting events is similar to breaking news, but without some of the underlying stress tragedy can sometimes bring.

I have covered high school football, NASCAR, professional hockey, professional golf, college basketball and college football in three states.  Much of my involvement involved highlight video, written recaps, written storylines and social media.

Below are examples of coverage in which I was involved.

High school football season is an exciting time for schools and families and local news stations take pride in bringing those stories to TVs in the market. WSLS 10’s 1st & 10 High School Football show on Friday evenings is a perfect example of a local news organization giving high school sports the NFL treatment it deserves. Twitter is a key component to the success of such a show, as many fans post updates during the game and follow others with similar content.

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 Memorable Products

Branding is everything when it comes to selling a product. As director of marketing and public relations at Maggie Bags Recycled Seat Belt Handbags, my job was to brand the product for retail store owners and end users.

The strategy we developed involved promotion of a recycled good as a luxury item. Not an easy task. The following are images created as part of that strategy. I was in charge of these projects from concept to completion.

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Graphic and Web Design

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Journalism and Writing

Below are stories I wrote for Because I do not have a byline on the site, you will have to trust me.

Family describes 20 minute visit with panther in Lee Co.

Lakeland woman fights to keep pet alligator

Petition launched for Lakeland woman to keep pet gator

National Puppy Day surprise in Bay Area caught on camera

On another note: I apparently like animal stories.

Student’s ‘don’t text and drive’ art now a license plate

Burger King’s Angriest WHOPPER has hot sauce baked in

Gerber recalls pouches due to potential for spoilage

Domino’s unveils self-driving pizza delivery robot

Bro Bowl 2.0 set to open in April

Starbucks sued, accused of purposely under filling lattes

Public Relations and Marketing

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