Margaret Grigsby Profile ImageEveryone has a routine. Routines make life easier and each day manageable. My daily routine goes something like this:

– Wake up
– Check breaking news alerts received overnight
– Note viral content on social media
– Read the day’s top stories
– Check email
– Breakfast
– Go to work (at 2 p.m.), which consists of a flurry of headlines, digital content, video, reporters and newscasts
– Force myself to leave work at a normal hour (before 1 a.m.)

I love my routine. It helps me feel connected to my community and the world.

However, routines change. My routine today is much different from one, five or ten years ago. This is true for news consumers and is the reason I focus on routines through every step of mine.

Following the routines of readers and viewers helps me to provide relevant content. Tracking changes in technology and trends helps content creators predict what consumers will add or remove from their routines.

I am a web producer at FOX 13 News in Tampa, Florida. We are part of the 21st Century Fox television stations group.

Breaking news, tracking the spread of social media content, the application of national and global trends to local content, emerging methods of content distribution, and variants of the selfie stick are among my many interests.

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